Interdisciplinary study is central to Wharton’s curriculum. Wharton offers two types of interdisciplinary study – joint degrees and dual degrees.

Integrated Joint Degrees

Joint Degrees are fully integrated with the Wharton MBA curriculum and utilize a shared application. The options for this type of degree include the Lauder MBA/MA in International Studies and the JD/MBA with Penn Law.  Accepted students are admitted jointly into both programs, not independently into each. You may not drop one program to pursue the other, since we hold a joint admissions process.

Dual Degrees

Dual Degrees involve attending separate programs, some within Penn and some external institutions. All applicants to a dual-degree program must apply both to Wharton and the second school or program separately. Admission decisions are made independently by each school, and students may pursue the dual degree only if admitted to both schools.

Integrated Joint Degree Options

Lauder Institute MBA/MA in International Studies

The MBA/MA Lauder Joint Degree in International Studies combines foreign language skills with a passion for international business by integrating the Wharton MBA program with an MA program in international studies from Penn’s School of Arts & Sciences.

The Lauder application is reviewed in its entirety by both the Lauder and Wharton Admissions Committees, and students must apply via a shared application. Accepted MBA/MA students are admitted jointly into both programs, not independently into each.

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The Francis J. & WM. Polk Carey JD/MBA Joint Degree

The Francis J. & Wm. Polk Carey JD/MBA Program is a fully integrated three-year program that combines Wharton’s MBA program with Penn’s elite law school.

Given the unique, integrated nature of the Wharton/Penn Law three-year JD/MBA program’s curriculum, students admitted to this program must apply prior to matriculation in either school and must attend the three-year program if admitted by both schools.

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MBA in Health Care Management

One of the first and the leading program of its kind, the MBA in Health Care Management program combines a robust health care curriculum and tightly connected student and alumni community with access to all the resources of Wharton and Penn.

Because of the unique program structure, students interested in the Health Care Management Program must indicate their interest when they apply to Wharton. Applicants may apply to the MBA in Health Care Management program in any round.

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Partnerships with Other Schools

Wharton + Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

This three-year, MBA/MA dual-degree program, offered by Wharton and the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of The Johns Hopkins University in Washington, D.C., prepares students to operate in both business and the international political environment. Students earn an MBA from Wharton and an MA in international relations from SAIS, a program that pioneered area studies and the integration of international politics and economics. While in Washington, students have access to Washington’s resources and to leaders in foreign policy and international trade.






Semester 1 – Wharton

Semester 2 – SAIS

Applicants must begin the Wharton part of their program in Pre-Term, and conferral of each degree is contingent upon completion of all requirements for the other program. Students with less preparation in their chosen field of study or in their language requirement may need additional time to complete the SAIS degree.

Applicants should apply within the cycle directly preceding the year they would like to begin at Wharton. All requests for deferral will be considered within Wharton’s deferral policy.

Wharton + Harvard Kennedy School

These three-year, dual-degree programs, offered by Wharton and the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) prepare students to operate in both business and public policy or public administration fields. The dual degree option with Wharton allows students to complete the HKS portion of their dual degree over three semesters, as shown below.





Semester 1 – HKS


Semester 2 – Wharton

  • The Master in Public Administration (MPA2) prepares its graduates for positions of significant responsibility in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. The program’s curriculum lends itself to individual tailoring with guidance from HKS faculty and administrators.
  • Geared to the future leaders in the field of international development, the Master in Public Administration/International Development (MPA/ID) is an economics-centered, multidisciplinary program, combining analytical and quantitative methods with an emphasis on policy and practice.
  • The Master in Public Policy (MPP) equips future leaders with a conceptual framework and the specific skills they will need to be successful in public service. The initial emphasis of the curriculum is on building a strong conceptual foundation for analysis, management, and advocacy.

Applicants must fill out applications to both schools during the first year at either school or simultaneously before enrolling at either school. The two degrees may not be completed sequentially. Applicants should apply to Wharton during the application cycle directly preceding their desired Wharton start date. All requests for deferral will be considered within Wharton’s deferral policy.

Dual Degree Options

Wharton + Penn Design

The Wharton + Penn Design Dual Degree gives the opportunity to receive your MBA while simultaneously completing a masters in Architecture (MBA/MArch), Landscape Architecture (MBA/MLA), City & Regional Planning (MBA/MCP), or Historic Preservation (MBA/MHP).

Applicants to this dual-degree program apply separately to the relevant program of the School of Design and to the Wharton MBA program. Admission decisions are made independently by each department/program, and students may pursue a dual degree program only if admitted to both the School of Design and the Wharton School. Students already enrolled in the School of Design may apply to the Wharton School in the fall semester of their first year.

To satisfy the School of Design portion of the dual-degree program, students must take at least 25 course units in the architecture or landscape architecture departments or at least 15 course units in city planning or historic preservation. To satisfy the MBA portion of the dual-degree program, students must take at least 15 course units at the Wharton School. It is Wharton policy that courses taken at Wharton prior to admission may not be applied toward the degree requirements of the MBA program.

Dual degree students do one entire year at the School of Design, followed by one entire year at the Wharton School. In the case of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, this would be followed by two years of a combination of Design and Wharton courses. In the case of City Planning and Historic Preservation, this would be followed by one year of a combination of Design and Wharton courses.

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Wharton + Penn Engineering

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Wharton + Penn Environment

This dual degree allows you to earn both the Master of Environmental Studies degree and an MBA degree from Penn’s internationally renowned Wharton School in three years or less. The program grooms students for global leadership roles in environmental management, finance and other business specialties.

The Master of Environmental Studies portion of your studies will deepen your knowledge of environmental issues, teach you technical environmental evaluation and offer you practical field experience. Classes in Wharton’s Environmental Risk and Management track will help you develop a range of skills and knowledge you can apply in business practice.

To begin the dual degree, you must apply and gain admission to both schools independently. Once admitted, you may choose the dual-degree program.

The multi-disciplinary nature of the MES curriculum exposes Wharton students to faculty and students with similar interests in environmentally related topics throughout the Penn community. The capstone component for the joint MBA/MES degree gives students the opportunity to participate in research initiatives in a concentrated field of study. Students will be at Wharton for three semesters and LPS for two semesters plus a summer capstone course.

This program is very flexible to meet students’ needs and individual interests. Students can start MES coursework the summer prior to starting the MBA, take courses over the summer while conducting an internship, and various other options. Students can also take advantage of interesting courses throughout the university, such as from the Engineering School, the Design School, and others.

For more information from the Penn College of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, click here.

Wharton + Penn Medical Sciences

MD/MBA with Penn Medicine

The MD/Master of Business Administration (MD/MBA) program is designed for Perelman medical students interested in integrating the study of medicine with training in managerial, financial, and technical expertise in the health care field. The majority of students who matriculate in the MD/MBA program enroll in the Health Care Management major at Wharton, but other majors are also available. Matriculation into the MD/MBA program obligates the student to follow all regulations and policies of the Medical School and of the Wharton School.

Students are enrolled in the MD program full time for the first three years and in MBA course work full time during year 4. During the summer between year 4 and 5, typically students participate in a business internship. However, some students have elected to do research or additional clinical rotations during the summer. Then in year 5, students will do a semester at Wharton and a semester at the Medical School – students can choose to do either one in Fall and the other in Spring.

For more information from the Perelman School of Medicine, click here.

MBA/VMD or MBA/MS with Penn Veterinary Medicine

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Wharton + Penn Nursing

MBA/MSN with Penn School of Nursing

Students may also pursue a MSN/MBA dual degree from the School of Nursing and the Wharton School.  Students interested in this program of study must apply and be accepted by both the School of Nursing and the Wharton School. Separate applications to each school plus GRE’s (Nursing) and GMAT’s (Wharton) are required. Students tend to apply to Nursing first and complete one semester before applying to the Wharton School’s Health Care Department. Full time study is required for the Wharton portion of this degree. The MSN/MBA can be completed in 36 months of full time study.

MBA/PhD with Penn School of Nursing

The dual degree Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing and the Master of Business Administration (PhD/MBA) joins the resources of the School of Nursing and the University’s Health Care Management Program at The Wharton School. Emphasis is placed on the synthesis and integration of nursing and management knowledge, skills, techniques, and values. Graduates of these programs assume nurse administrative roles and executive positions in a variety of health care organizations. Students interested in the PhD/MBA program, must submit separate applications to both programs.

Wharton + Penn Social Work

The dual MSW/MBA program emphasizes multi-dimensional skills and competencies from the fields of business and social work. The program is designed for a limited number of mature students with some supervisory and/or administrative experience. Field internships are arranged in management and policy research and development in such sites as social welfare organizations, hospitals, philanthropic foundations, and government.

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