Around the World in World in 18 Days: (Unemployed) Wharton Globe Trotters

‘How was your Winter break?’ The second semester’s answer to ‘What is your name?’ headlines most conversations I’ve had with friends in the two short weeks since our returns from the remotest corners of earth.

‘Antarctica was pretty cool. The landscape was desolate, and I didn’t see darkness for 8 straight days.’

‘It was a catamaran technically, so we were able to jet among the BVIs faster than any monohulled vessel.’

‘My break was pretty calm. I had a couple of weddings to go to in India so I spent the entire time there.’

Within 10 conversations my first day back I had spoken with people who had set foot on every continent in the world just one week prior. Not bad. Between intense Wharton Leadership Ventures, student-led treks, adventures with friends, and family vacations, Wharton’s December exodus from Philadelphia is far-reaching and complete. I personally was visiting family in Argentina, several thousand miles from Pennsylvania, so I am no exception.

Despite the multi-directional madness of the life of an MBA student at Wharton (clubs, classes, jobs, social life, etc.) at certain points in the year the entire student body switches gears to travel. I am headed to Park City in three weeks for Wharton’s annual ski trip, and then am off to Japan 3 weeks after that via a Wharton-organized student trek. Options for May before beginning a summer internship are just about limitless at this point. Any suggestions?