Welcome to DIP: Or, Winter Break Is Already a Distant Memory

A lot has happened since I last wrote, faithful readers. First semester finished with a bang, i.e., an exam period with five exams and one final paper in a seven-day span (yikes!). Then came winter break, during which my fellow classmates and I scattered to far corners of the world, each trying to outdo the others with the most outrageous and exotic Facebook photos possible. Riding an elephant in Thailand? Spraying champagne in Rio? Hugging a penguin in Antarctica? Been there, done that. (Figuratively. I, personally, went on an amazing trip to Chile and Argentina. You should see my Facebook photos!)

But then, ah–tragedy, winter break trickled through the sands of time like the sun slipping below the horizon as you watched yet another perfect sunset from your yacht in the British Virgin Islands (another trip a group of friends took over break…). And suddenly we were back in cold, windy Philadelphia, diving head-first into third quarter. New professors, new classes, new subject matter. But that wasn’t even the most jarring transition.

See, there’s this thing called an “internship” that all students are looking to get this summer, and interviewing for said “internships” happens, oh, right about now. Fortunately, Wharton is kind enough to provide something called DIP, or Dedicated Interview Period, during which core classes don’t meet and all on-campus interviewing takes place. It’s a huge lifesaver to not have to worry about classes while interviewing, and it’s one of the many factors that make Wharton an amazing place to get an MBA.

But still, there’s the nitty gritty of preparing for interviews, getting rest, ironing your suit, and all the other million things that recruiting entails. Walk around Center City now, and you’ll see Wharton students in every possible nook and cranny, cramming for case interviews (if they’re future consultants) or behavioral interviews (if they’re not). It’s stressful and exciting, all at once.

Wish me luck– I’ll report back if I make it to the other side!