New Year (and new classes)

john-pettengilThe fall semester finished with a bang. I did really well in my classes and performed best in stats and operations (definitely my two favorites). I’ve sent in one internship application (to IDEO) and will be sending out another six this week to other innovation firms and to innovation groups inside of health care companies.

The spring semester begins tomorrow, and I have a great class lineup. Mondays are Macro, Legal Studies, and an Innovation and Applied Technology class I’m taking through the nursing school. Tuesdays I have Marketing, Corporate Finance (which I’m looking forward to) and a class on managed health care systems. Wednesday and Thursdays are repeats of my non-health care classes. I have late starts everyday, which means I can keep up with errands, cooking at home, and the gym in the mornings. On top of all this I’ll also be doing a Field Application Project (FAP) with Johns Hopkins. We’ll be applying technology to help strengthen and extend their service offering (that’s all I can say for now).

I’m also working on the Health Care Business Conference, promoting Wharton 54 (the large party that Out4Biz throws in the spring semester) and helping out with a business plan competition.

This semester I hope to renew my focus on product development and creative applications of technology. I also hope to connect with my classmates on awesome, spur of the moment trips. The health care majors are talking about Vegas, so maybe that’s my next stop.

I’m excited about welcome weekend, which is coming up in February. Admitted students will get a chance to visit campus and see what business school is all about. I had a ton of fun last year, and I can’t wait to be on the other side, helping out, this year. Happy new year y’all!