Morning Routine

This may sound ridiculous, but one of my biggest concerns when coming to Wharton was… “so… how do I get to campus?”

For the 98.174% (unconfirmed) of the MBA population living in Center City, you are looking at a 1-2 mile trek to Huntsman Hall. You may be thinking – “A mile!?! How am I going to roll out of bed after a long night studying/recruiting/partying/Netflix marathoning?!?” Short answer: you’re not. But, like everything else in MBA land, you have some choices:

1. Cab: This is your roll out of bed option. Cabs are plentiful in Philly and you’ll have no trouble wrangling up a few other Wharton students to split the fare. Just look for those red Wharton water bottles!

2. Trolley: For those that live near Market St. this is actually one of the quickest door to door options.

3. Bus: Beware of the 20 minute window before class starts… it can get crowded. Not for the weak.

4.Wharton Bus (TBD): One of my typical over-achiever classmates has set up a pilot next week for a Wharton-only bus! Problem Solving in Action.

5. Bike: Philly is a super bike friendly city.

6. Walk: This is my default choice. Door to door for me is just under 1.5 miles, 25 minutes power walking. While that seems like a lot of time to waste, I enjoy the walk and use the time to process my day ahead, update my to-do list, practice my pitch for recruiting events (aka talk to myself like a crazy person), and even catch up on assignments. And on the way back to Center City I walk with a friend and chat about the always eventful day. Here’s my walk:


Head down Samson


Grab a hot beverage at the Good Karma cafe. Walk past 2401 Walnut, our home away from Huntsman.


Over the Schuylkill River.


Catch up on some class reading while walking. Turns out we learn about more than just banks. (thank goodness!)


Almost there….


The campus really is beautiful this time of year…

Campus 2

Best part of the morning, Locust Walk.

Locust Walk 1

Mornin’ Ben!


Into Huntsman…

Hunstman Hall

And I made it! Ready for another great day at Wharton!


A small town girl with big city ambitions, Sara comes to Wharton via the Windy City of Chicago, where she once ran the Pasta Department of the nation’s only Rice-a-Roni plant. Later she used approximately 1.3 semesters worth of her engineering background to develop snacks, cereals, and other treats for the Quaker Oats brand. It was there that she discovered her love for focus groups, consumers, and their seemingly erratic behavior. When not at Huntsman or 2401, Sara can be found jogging along the Schuylkill Banks or enjoying AMC dramas (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, etc.) with her husband Dustin.