Procrastinators Anonymous

“Oh crap, was that today?”

Why do something today when you can put it off for tomorrow? Let’s be honest, working hard may pay off eventually, but laziness pays off now!

An expert procrastinator myself, I can recognize procrastination when I see it. And I have seen a lot of it during pre-term. In fact, it’s rampant amongst the MBA student body. Every student struggles with it at some point or the other. As for me, I have a problem set in Microeconomics due in three days, a quiz in Statistics on the same day, as well as a case write-up and team presentation for Marketing soon after. Unfortunately, I could not make progress on these deliverables. But in my defense, I have been involved with some other very important matters:

  1. I realized that I am out of groceries and that I really must get some from Trader Joe’s.
  2. I realized that my laundry basket is now full and that I really must do laundry this weekend.
  3. I realized that Wine Club is having a happy hour and that I really must go meet some new people.
  4. I realized that I have not hung out with my Learning Team in ages and that I really must organize a small group dinner with them.
  5. I realized that it is one of my Cohort-mate’s birthday today and that I really must go to the party.
  6. I realized that a large group of friends is going to Brasil Club tonight for salsa and bachata lessons and that I really must join them (but must stop by the birthday party afterwards).

I know what I am doing. I’m procrastinating. I’m procrastinating because I have a lot on my plate and because I have easy access to distraction. Unfortunately, the problem with putting things off for tomorrow is that tomorrow adds more tasks to my already growing list of things-to-do.

Procrastination is just not fun anymore. So what am I going to do? I have decided to fix things. Here’s what I plan to do:

  • Recognize procrastination: what behaviors and actions are taking me off task?
  • Divide tasks: smaller milestones are more easily achievable and provide momentum to achieving bigger goals (MGMT 610 wisdom!)
  • Set deadlines: creating a schedule for tasks and rewarding myself upon completion

Sounds simple. I will get my act together and procrastinate…but only tomorrow!