Turducken, Turducken, and more Turducken, please

Kate-EpsteinThis semester Wharton introduced me to world-renowned professors, engaging classmates, and oodles of leadership opportunities. However, I’m most smitten with my latest Wharton discovery: Turducken!

Turducken is Kim Wong’s genius invention. It’s a turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken. Talk about synergy. The three pieces of meat add up to one bite that is exponentially more delicious than one bite of each alone. I almost forgot, Kim added sausages, too. These are the finishing touches that count.

I relished my first Turducken at the Culinary Club/Wine Club’s joint Turducken Thanksgiving dinner this Saturday. Dinner was flawless. Kim Wong, Josh White, and Will Morel commanded the kitchen like experts, feeding 100 students without breaking a sweat. Steve Dildine, Jeff Kauth, Ross Glasser, and Andrew Adams graciously hosted the large group at their equally large apartment, clearing away furniture and renting tables and chairs to seat us all. The long tables, high apartment ceilings, and general merriment that comes with being with a large group of amazing classmates gave the room a magical Harry-Potter-dining-hall feel.

In addition to Turducken we feasted on ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, two types of stuffing, casserole, roasted vegetables, green beans, and macaroni and cheese. Aside from the Turducken, the macaroni and cheese was my favorite. It was absurdly rich, yet sustainably so, meaning I indulged in three servings without getting sick.

I also ate the best chocolate chip cookies of my entire life for dessert! I’m not exaggerating. These cookies, baked by Josh and Kim, are so loved by everyone lucky enough to taste them that they’re opening a White + Wong Bakery next semester. The bakery will offer customized high quality cookies in both full-sugar and reduced sugar varieties. I will be queuing at the door when it opens.

Turducken Thanksgiving might be my favorite Wharton experience so far (in competition with Rainbow pub, which will forever capture my imagination). For the first time, I ate several animals in one bite, enjoyed a gourmet meal with 100 students, and felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie. Now, I’m off to my Aunt Dara’s in Westchester to celebrate Thanksgiving all over again. My 91 year old grandpa has flown in from Florida for the event, and hinted that he might get “tipsy” for the occasion. I have a lot to be thankful for this year!