Winter in Philadelphia

The cold has officially arrived.  It hasn’t actually snowed yet, but it still feels like the dead of winter.  I’m from Philadelphia, so I should be used to this weather by now.  But every year I find myself unprepared for the drastic weather change.  I’ve noticed a lot of students taking cabs from their Rittenhouse apartments to Penn’s campus lately instead of making the 20-25 min walk….smart people!

At least with winter comes the holiday season!  Every store you go in has Christmas music playing already.  Buildings, houses, and apartments are already being decorated for the holidays.  It definitely brings some warmth and happiness in spite of the cold.  In fact, my cohort of 65 people is organizing a Secret Santa gift exchange.  How cool is that? We are going to hold it right after our last final and have egg nog, mimosas (its going to be at 11:00am!), Christmas cookies, gingerbread men, etc. Who knew that 65 people could become so close in just 3 months?  I’ve gotta say…cohort L is simply the best!

I’m not ready for winter, but I am ready for the holidays!

I was born and raised in Philly and I just can’t get enough of this city! I did my undergrad at Penn State (WE ARE!) and then spent ~4 years in pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting. I am so excited to be here at Wharton and to see where this MBA will take me in the future!