What’s Wrong With Wharton? …Nothing at all!

The Wall Street Journal recently released an article titled, “What’s Wrong With Wharton?”  It basically says that Wharton has lost its luster because applications have been down over the last couple of years.  Students see Wharton as a finance school, but since there aren’t as many finance jobs out there, students are now trying to focus on tech and entrepreneurship.

Maybe Wharton needs to work on “re-branding” itself, because it’s definitely not just a finance school anymore.  I came to Wharton to switch into the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Yes, I chose Wharton for marketing, not finance.  And I’m not the only one.  Plus, I have met more entrepreneurs here at Wharton than I ever knew existed.  People who have already built incredible companies, and others who have amazing ideas that they are trying to put into action.  Entrepreneurship is quickly becoming a key focus for Wharton.

Enough about negative press, though.  Let’s talk about about the fun stuff.  The whole point of b-school is to land yourself that dream job and create a network of friends that you can rely on and turn to for years to come.  Just think…your BFF at Wharton could be the future CEO of Google.

I joined the women’s touch rugby team at Wharton to get to know more people and last weekend we went undefeated against Columbia’s teams and won the Hogfest Tournament Championship! 90% of the girls on the team had never played rugby before Wharton, but we worked hard together and had a blast winning it all!

Following Hogfest, the entire Wharton class (1st years and 2nd years) went out for Walnut Walk.  It’s an annual bar crawl along Walnut Street in Philadelphia and everyone is supposed to wear business on the top (e.g. something you’d wear to an interview) and party on the bottom (e.g. tutus, underwear, swim suits, spandex, etc).  The theme parties at Wharton are epic and they are a great way to bring everyone together in a casual and fun environment.  I don’t think I made the wrong decision coming to Wharton. In fact, I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.


I was born and raised in Philly and I just can’t get enough of this city! I did my undergrad at Penn State (WE ARE!) and then spent ~4 years in pharmaceutical and healthcare consulting. I am so excited to be here at Wharton and to see where this MBA will take me in the future!