Rishabh Israni

Rishabh Israni Hometown New Delhi, India Previous Education Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay Previous Career Consumer Goods Wharton Majors • Business Economics • Public Policy Career Plans Consulting Clubs/Activities: Consulting Club (Board - Member Education), Follies, Return on Equality, Food Club, Badminton Club, Storytellers, Teaching Assistant (Microeconomics) Summer Internship: BainRead More

Hallie Huffaker

Hallie Huffaker Hometown Seattle, WA Previous Education Dartmouth College Previous Career Management Consulting Wharton Major • Management • Dual Degree with Harvard Kennedy School (Masters in Public Policy) Career Plans Management Consulting Clubs/Activities: Wharton Women in Business (Admissions), Wharton Social Impact Club (Communications), Wharton Wildmen Hockey League, Food Club, Storytellers Club, WhartonRead More