The Value of a Wharton MBA

A Wharton MBA gives you the business and leadership skills you need to realize your goals throughout your career. We consistently rank as one of the top MBAs for Full Time Job Offers and 20-year earnings. The greatest value of a Wharton MBA is the network you inherit. As a Wharton MBA, you immediately add 99,000 Alumni to your personal network, a network that is constantly networking, mentoring, and learning.
Compensation Range

99,000 Alumni

in 153 Countries

885 Employers

Make offers to Wharton Students

Graduates with full-time job offers
Accepted full-time jobs
of the jobs accepted were overseas

The Power of Wharton

Wharton has earned a global reputation by educating the best minds in business for over a century. Our identity was forged by founder Joseph Wharton, who had a vision for a business school that focused on rigorous analysis, actionable knowledge, and responsible leadership. You will become a part of that vision by:

Expanding Your Business Leadership Skills

Wharton’s research and curriculum are focused on driving productivity, growth and social progress. The students and alumni you will be exposed to throughout your education and career cannot compare to other programs.

Harnessing the Power of Data

Wharton’s reputation as “the finance school” is well earned. The rigorous and relevant data analysis that drives Wharton Finance is true of the entire School. Wharton analytics fuels data-driven decision making, helping you to become a visionary and pragmatic business leader in any career you choose.

Fueling Your Entrepreneurship

Wharton faculty, students and alumni turn great ideas into scalable and sustainable businesses. Our disciplined approach challenges concepts, focuses ideas and provides the know-how to turn fledgling businesses into strong, enduring organizations.

Growing Your Global Reach

Wharton’s footprint and impact continue to grow around the world; providing immersive experiences across six continents; helping to establish three business schools in Asia; and opening the Penn Wharton China Center in Beijing.

Participating in the Future of Business Education

Wharton’s commitment extends well beyond your time on campus. Lifelong learning means you get access to the skills and network you need throughout your career.

Compensation Summary for Recent Graduates

Compensation Item# Reporting%Compensation Median (US $)
Annual Base Salary54490.7%$130,000
Sign-on Bonus42077.2%$25,000
Guaranteed Year-End Bonus9115.2%$20,500
Relocation Expenses28948%$10,000

This information is as of September 12, 2017 and is collected and reported according to MBA CSEA Standards. Total student population for this report includes those graduating between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017.

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