Wharton/Engineering Dual Degree Program

The intersection of the Wharton MBA Program and a Penn Engineering Graduate Program is of particular interest to those students looking for a career trajectory leveraging the strong combination of business leadership interests and strong technical skills.

Programs of Study

Combine your Wharton business studies with one of a Penn Engineering’s wide range of disciplines to expand on your experience or pursue a new field of interest.

Established courses of study include:

Master of Computer Information Technology

Master of Integrated Product Design

Master of Science and Engineering in Systems Engineering

Master of Science in Engineering in Data Science

Program Structures

Students can complete these dual degree programs in anywhere from 4-6 semesters, depending on the specific program’s structure and also the timing of admissions. Enrollment in one of these dual degree programs benefits students by allowing them to complete both programs in less time and with fewer credits than if the degrees were pursued separately, due to the cross counting of credits between programs and flexibility in course scheduling. The below example of the Wharton/MCIT dual degree program illustrates this efficiency. Please work with your Academic Advisors in structuring your optimal path.

CU RequirementDual CreditRequired at School
Wharton19 CUs4 CUs15 CUs
MCIT10 CUs1-2 CUs8-9 CUs
Net Requirement23-24 CUs


Admissions decisions to the Dual Degree Program are independent. Please refer to The Wharton MBA Program and the Penn Engineering Programs for further details and application deadlines. Students will only be considered Dual Degree Students after admission to each program is confirmed.

Financial Aid

Program Cost

The student will be in residence at Wharton for four semesters and will pay the Wharton tuition and fees during those times. The four semesters of Wharton tuition will cover up to 21 credit units of coursework. Consuming additional coursework within the four semesters will lead to additional charges in line with Wharton’s tuition guidelines. Students completing the degree in five semesters will be in residence at SEAS for the 5th semester and will pay the SEAS tuition. Based on the typical structure above, students can expect to incur the cost of an additional 2-3 CUs.

Funding Sources

Students in the Dual Degree Program are considered for funding support independently. Please review the Financial Aid resources available in the Wharton MBA Program and Penn Engineering to determine availability.

In addition to the support available from the individual programs, students within the Wharton/Engineering Dual Degree Program are eligible for support from the following source:

The Ripple Fellowship

This term gift was established to support students in the Wharton/Engineering dual-degree program, with a preference given to those interested in block-chain and cryptocurrency and special consideration given to women and underrepresented minorities. This fellowship is available to up to four students per year, and is administered out of the Wharton Financial Aid Office.