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Different Personality Types Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Different Experiences


Like other top MBA programs, Wharton has an incredible amount of opportunity to challenge yourself academically, professionally, and socially. In two short years, the sheer number of people to meet and goals to pursue can seem overwhelming. While extroverts may eagerly look to stretch themselves across every facet of theirRead More

Invitations to Interview


Earlier today, we released invitations to Round 1 applicants to participate in Team Based Discussions.  As always, these were difficult decisions to make as we were extremely impressed with Round 1 applicants’ accomplishments, experiences, and personal stories. On November 9, we will begin welcoming candidates to Philadelphia for on-campus interviews.Read More

Founding a New Club @ Wharton: The Adam Smith Society


One of the benefits of the Wharton experience is the opportunity to join clubs that allow you to hone skills, explore new interests, meet people in different classes, and practice leadership. Wharton has clubs that cater to student interests across cultural, athletic, personal, and professional interests. Curious about impact investing?Read More

Being a Veteran at Wharton

Ben Crovella Feature

On the first day of pre-term in August before our first semester began our cluster (~220 students, there are four clusters in each class) was instructed to congregate by pre-MBA industry. Having spent two years in finance after the Marine Corps, I consciously moved towards the finance group. This wayRead More

#WhartonDoesPC: Wharton’s awesome takeover of Park City, Utah

Claire Fauguier feature

Wondering what Wharton students do to escape the cold February weather in Philadelphia? They go skiing in Park City, Utah, of course! With record high temperatures in the 50’s, Park City hosted over 1000 Whartonites for a sunny ski weekend the first week of February. As Co-Presidents of the WhartonRead More

Everyone gets a job, FRP is just the start!


Thinking back to this time last year, I remember I was studying hard for interviews and feeling extremely nervous about the week to come. Every day I would go from feeling totally prepared for interviews to being sure I would never get a job. So if you are feeling anythingRead More

P3: Purpose, Passion, and Principles at Wharton


“There is no foolproof system that always leads to success.” – Prof. G. Richard Shell (Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success) This is the statement to which my classmates and I constantly find ourselves returning, as part of P3 (“Purpose, Passion, Principles”), a unique program that encourages Wharton MBAs toRead More

Education outside the Classroom: A Closer Look at the Wharton Beer & Brewmasters’ Guild


If you were anything like me, you arrived at Wharton and were a bit overwhelmed with the number of clubs — career, cultural, athletic, community, and social — there were to choose from; now, after checking a few obvious ones off the list like my career-focused club, Ski Club, MBARead More

Venturing Out of the Classroom – Wharton Leadership Ventures


Summiting mountains, traversing glaciers, sailing boats, hiking across remote wilderness – while this might have described an ideal (if not really relaxing) outdoors vacation, they weren’t activities I anticipated as being part of my business school education. Luckily for me, almost all of them have been, all due to myRead More