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Same Degree, Different Logistics

Wharton offers one MBA degree in two formats: the traditional, full-time MBA in Philadelphia, or the Executive MBA either in San Francisco or Philadelphia or via our Global cohort. Both programs require the same high admissions standards, follow the same rigorous curriculum, and confer the same Wharton degree. The delivery and structure of the programs differ to meet the needs of different student types. The comparison table below details how the two programs are delivered.
Length20 months, including a 3.5 month summer internship (recommended)24 months (Philadelphia and San Francisco) / 22 months (Global)
Class Session LengthYear 1: August – MayYear 1: May-May
Year 2: September – MayYear 2: June-May (Philadelphia and San Francisco) / June- March (Global)
Weekly ScheduleMonday – ThursdaySan Francisco and Philadelphia: Alternate Friday/Saturday weekends with several extended sessions, plus a one-week international trip (Global Business Week) Global: Alternate Thursday/Friday/Saturday (Eastern Time) virtual, synchronous class sessions with five in-person extended sessions, two Global Modular courses, and the Global Business Week.
Total Credit Units19.019.0
Core Curriculum9.510.0
MajorUsually 4.0 in addition to the Core.Not required.
Electives5.59.0. Students in the MBA Program for Executives vote to determine the electives offered for their second year. Some Philadelphia and San Francisco students consider taking classes on the opposite coast for one term or even for one course. Philadelphia and San Francisco students can take up to one credit unit of electives with the Global cohort.
Majors and Program CustomizationYou have a choice from 21 majors. Approximately 40% of students complete their degree with a dual major.You may pursue a formal major in some departments, but you’re not required to do so.
Global ExperienceGlobal Modular Courses, Global Immersion Programs, Leadership Ventures, and student-hosted travel opportunities.A one-week international trip (Global Business Week) is required. Students can also take part in Global Modular courses when available. Two Global Modular Courses are required for the Global cohort.
Entering Class Size874230 (Philadelphia and San Francisco total) + 50 expected for Global
GMAT Average728711
Average Work Experience5 years12 years
Tuition and Budget$178,000 (Tuition & Fees only)$230,100
Housing and MealsHousing and meals are not included in the tuition.Total Fee includes tuition, fees, books and materials, and program-related housing, meals, and ground costs for required Global Business Week. Transportation, airfare for Global Business Week, and parking are not included. This applies to two required Global Modular Course for Global cohort students (ground costs covered, transportation not covered).
Career ServicesOne-on-one Career Advising and recruiting services for summer internships and full-time roles through MBA Career Management.You have access to career counseling, workshops, and career resources through dedicated MBA Exec Career Services. Internships are not available. Job search services are available for self-sponsored students and others who meet the eligibility requirements.
Company Support/SponsorshipThere are no requirements or formal programs for sponsorship, although some companies do sponsor students.An endorsement from your company is required for time away from work. Financial support from your company is also required for Fellows applicants and is encouraged for others. *Not applicable to Global cohort
Campus LocationsPhiladelphia, with one semester available in San Francisco by applicationPhiladelphia, San Francisco, and Global

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