Law School and B-School Debates

At Penn Law, I have really enjoyed the Socratic method of learning. With this method, Professors encourage students to question their beliefs about the facts of a case, as well as what the law ought to be. This method facilitates debate amongst students. It doesn’t come as a surprise thatRead More

Wharton Winter Break in India

After wrapping up my first semester courses and visiting my parents in Florida for the Christmas holiday, I boarded an Emirates Airbus A380 en route to Mumbai for the 2-week Wharton Global Immersion Program (GIP) in India. The GIP trips combine an on-the-ground education in the economic, cultural and geopoliticalRead More

One Semester (Almost) Down at Wharton

Nearly a year ago today, I received a phone call while eating breakfast from Ankur Kumar, who was then the Director of MBA Admissions for The Wharton School. To say that the past 12 months have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Yet, through all of the experiences thatRead More

Post-exam reflections

We just finished our first round of exams, and I can’t think of a better time for self-reflection. One of the best parts of Wharton’s large student body is that it is easy to find someone whose approach to exams matches yours; people here run the gamut from super stressedRead More

All Things Social Impact

I’ll be honest, I am pretty green when it comes to social impact – I have a traditional finance background and other than a couple of volunteering stints, I have not had much experience on the ground. That’s why I came to Wharton. So if you are interested in socialRead More

1st Year

1st year done. I can’t believe it. It moves faster than you expect, I find myself frantically planning out my last couple weeks, grabbing coffees every day with as many of my classmates as I can. This summer I’ll be at Facebook in NYC, working as a “Creative Social MediaRead More

New Year (and new classes)

The fall semester finished with a bang. I did really well in my classes and performed best in stats and operations (definitely my two favorites). I’ve sent in one internship application (to IDEO) and will be sending out another six this week to other innovation firms and to innovation groupsRead More

Wharton Healthcare Rocks

One of the best parts of Wharton so far has been the sheer breadth of experience and network of my fellow healthcare classmates, and how much they teach me whether in class, over meals, or over party jaunts to Atlantic City (thanks, Wharton three-day weekends!). In our healthcare class thisRead More