MBA Student Diversity

The Wharton MBA Program is committed to creating a community that is representative of the global environment. Diversity and inclusion are central to our mission to exchange ideas among students and faculty from different backgrounds and perspectives, as it creates a powerful environment for learning and leadership development.

Diversity in the Class of 2025

The Wharton MBA community features diversity in a myriad of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Increasing diversity and fostering inclusion in our community help students across different backgrounds succeed. Wharton MBAs reap the benefits of engagement within our diverse community, leading to innovative ideas and solutions for the world’s next problem in business.

Countries Represented
First Generation

U.S. Race & Ethnicity*

Federal Guidelines ReportingMulti-dimensional Reporting
Black/African American9%10%
Native American0%2%
Asian American21%23%
White 27%32%
Did not report1%1%

Data represents the 69% of students that are U.S. passport holders only. Percentages are calculated out of 874 students.

*The Wharton School follows federal guidelines from the Department of the Interior for collecting data on race and ethnicity. This allows applicants who are U.S. Citizens and permanent residents to self-identify their ethnicity and race with the option to select more than one race and/or ethnicity. The Federal Guidelines column reflects all students who identify as Hispanic/Latino and any other race as Hispanic/Latino only. Students who identify with more than one race are represented as Multi-Race only. The Multi-Dimensional column reflects students’ full racial and ethnic identities to better represent the multiple identities shared in their application, so this column adds up to more than 69% as students may be represented in more than one row.

Belonging at Wharton

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Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)


African American MBA Association
African American MBA Association (AAMBAA) was created to enhance the professional, academic, and social development of students of African descent at Wharton, and provide resources to foster the successful progression from prospective students to Wharton alumni.

Wharton Asian American Association of MBAs
The Wharton Asian American Association of MBAs mission is to create a tight-knit community at Wharton that provides support and mentorship while celebrating the expression of Asian culture in America. The club promotes self-reflection and conversation around being Asian in America, and encourages members to be thoughtful leaders and advocates in the workforce for Asian empowerment.

Wharton Hispanic-American MBA Association
The Wharton Hispanic-American MBA Association (WHAMBAA) includes nearly 100 members and represents all students who identify as Hispanic-American and/or Latinx-American at Wharton as well as those who want to join the familia! WHAMBAA supports and engages members with social events, academic tutoring, mentoring, thought leadership, and targeted professional development services.

Wharton Latin American Student Association
Wharton Latin American Student Association (WHALASA) is the largest international club at Wharton, and proudly hold the reputation of hosting the best social events in the MBA community! The club’s mission is to promote an open dialogue with the Latin American community on the region’s challenges and opportunities within the global context, while building a stronger community and generating networking opportunities.



  • Howard E. Mitchell Fellowship
    • This fellowship is awarded to traditionally underrepresented domestic populations to provide financial support to graduate students of color, based on proven leadership, academic excellence, work experience, and/or demonstrated commitment to empowering traditionally underrepresented groups.
  • Whitney M Young Fellowship
    • Second-year, active member of the AAMBAA community who has demonstrated academic excellence and made outstanding contributions to the achievement of excellence by people of color in the Wharton, University of Pennsylvania, and/or greater business communities.
  • Toigo Fellowships
    • The Toigo MBA Fellowship provides minority MBA candidates committed to careers in finance with an unmatched network of contacts, a prestigious point of difference in the eyes of employers, one-on-one career guidance, leadership training, a merit award—and more.



Wharton Women in Business
Wharton Women in Business (WWIB) is a professional club that aims to help all Wharton women further develop their voices as confident female leaders within WWIB, Wharton, and with the world by providing tools, resources, and opportunities to do so.



  • Forté Fellowships
    • These fellowships are awarded each year to outstanding female students who demonstrate exemplary leadership academically, professionally or creatively, as well as a proven commitment to the empowerment of women in education or the workplace.

International Students


Asia Club
The Wharton Asia Club was founded with the intention of bridging the gap between the Wharton community and the Asian business environment, and aims to fulfill the aspirations of students interested in learning more about Asian culture, markets, and professional opportunities.

Australia/New Zealand Club
The Australia/New Zealand Club provides a forum for students from and interested in Australia and New Zealand to connect and celebrate all things ANZ.

Brazil Club
The Brazil Club mission is to enrich and amplify the experience of students by fulfilling their interests in Brazil’s culture and businesses.

Canada Club
The Canada Club provides a social network for Canadian students, and anyone interested in working or living in Canada.

Caribbean Business Initiative Club
The Caribbean Business Initiative Club (CariBiz) is an inclusive organization that welcomes all who have an interest in Caribbean culture, economic affairs, and development.

Europa is Wharton’s club for Europeans and students with an interest in Europe. The Club’s mission is to provide a community for those with European cultural and professional interests on campus. Europa proviedes a link between European employers and Wharton students, and to Wharton European Alumni.

French Association
The French Association promotes the French culture and network on Wharton’s campus. The club mission is to spread out the French “Art de Vivre”, organize the French Trek centered on “Luxury and French Elegance”, and celebrate the diversity of all French-speaking cultures. The club connects companies and students in their job search (in France and in the US) in collaboration with the Wharton Alumni Club of Paris.

German Club
The German club celebrates the vibrant culture and economy of Germany. The club brings German values, traditions, and connections within German industries to MBA students. Club members plan a local Oktoberfest celebration in Philadelphia, and some members travel to Munich for the annual festival.

Greater China Club
The Greater China Club serves the interests of MBA students who are professionally or culturally interested in the Greater China region. The club creates fun experiences for members to foster relationships and improve cross-cultural exchanges including a Chinese New Year’s Party, Moon Festival Party, Chinese dinners, and other social events.

India Club
The India Club aims to foster a close network among Indians, South Asians and all those interested in India to enhance their experience at Wharton through social, outreach, academic, and career initiatives. The club helps to promote and organize the Wharton India Economic Forum, India GIP, and treks.

Israel Club
Israel Club aims to bridge Wharton and the rising Israeli tech and business scene, to promote familiarity with Israel’s culture and to become a social platform to its members.

Japan Club
Japan Club aims to enrich the Wharton community by promoting awareness of Japanese business and culture, and strives to advance Wharton’s international brand and support the professional development of prospective, current, and graduated members.

Korea Club
Korea Club strives to promote Korean culture and raise awareness around Korea-related issues within the Wharton community through various social, cultural and professional events.

Middle East and North Africa Club
Middle East and North Africa Club (MENA) is focused on business in the MENA region and, more specifically, devoted to engaging its members in MENA business driven initiatives and events. The club aims to bridge the gap between Middle Eastern students and the Wharton community.

Russia and Former Soviet Union Club
The Russia and Former Soviet Union Club aims to serve as a platform to bring together members of the Wharton community who have personal, cultural, and/or professional ties or interest related to Russia and the FSU. The club holds various activities covering the professional, cultural/educational, and social dimensions of Russia and the FSU.

Southeast Asia Club
The Southeast Asia Club aims to serve students from the Southeast Asia region in the Wharton Community and to promote Southeast Asian culture and to introduce business / investment opportunities in Southeast Asia to the Wharton Community.

Wharton Africa Student Association
The Wharton Africa Student Association (WASA) is the focal point for Africa-related activities at Wharton, connecting and supporting African students, students who have lived or worked in Africa, and all students with a professional or cultural interest in Africa. Each year, WASA organizes engaging programming (such as the Wharton Africa Business Forum), career preparation, networking opportunities, academic support, social gatherings, and treks to the continent for its members.


  • Emerging Economy Fellowships
    • These fellowships are offered to support students from emerging economies throughout the world.
  • Friends of Israel MBA Fellowship
    • This fellowship is a two-year, full-tuition award to Israeli students who have completed Israeli military service, have attended an Israeli undergraduate institution, and/or been employed by an Israeli company for the previous five years. Recipients will comprise a distinctive cohort of five to six fellows each year.

LGBTQ+ Community


Out For Business
Out for Business is Wharton’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer professional and social club providing a network for students, faculty, and staff. The club’s mission is to create a safe, inclusive, and fun community at Wharton for LGBTQ+ people and straight allies.
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  • ROMBA Fellowship
    • The ROMBA LGBT+ Fellowship is a joint effort between The Wharton MBA Program and Reaching Out to develop the out LGBT+ and active ally business leaders of tomorrow. Each Fellow receives a minimum $20,000 scholarship and access to exclusive leadership programming including an all-expenses-paid retreat.
  • PRISM Fellowship
    • The Wharton Prism Fellowship will cover full Wharton tuition over the recipient’s time in the Wharton MBA program. This fellowship is awarded to one student who is a member of and demonstrates leadership in support of the LGBTQIA community.
Wharton Veterans Club on Art Museum Steps

Military Veterans


Veterans Club
The Veterans Club is deeply committed to assisting transitioning service members and veterans who are interested in pursuing an MBA. Club members take great pride in our military service, are extremely proud to be a part of the Wharton community, and believe the best way to continue serving is by giving back to others. Together, we are united through service.
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  • Yellow Ribbon Program
    • The Yellow Ribbon Program (YRB) is a provision of the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008. Wharton offers grant funds through the Yellow Ribbon Program for veterans and is committed to funding all students who are 100% eligible under the Post-9/11 GI Bill®. Eligible applicants may receive a maximum Yellow Ribbon Award of up to $20,000. The Dept. of Veteran Affairs (VA) will match the award amount that we grant.

Partners & Families


Kids Club
The Kids Club serves as a resource for MBA families to make the transition to Wharton and Philadelphia easier while also providing fun kids activities and friendships along the way. The club plans playgroups, quarterly parties, and organized outings for students, partners, and their children.

Partners Club
Partners Club is a networking and social club designed exclusively for all significant others of Wharton MBA students. The club organizes social, cultural, and informational activities for its members and aims to provide a smooth and welcoming transition to Wharton.