Wharton MBA Discovery Series: Academics

Wednesday May 26, 2021
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM EDT

If you are interested in advancing your future and furthering your education with the Wharton MBA program, join us for the Wharton MBA Discovery Series for prospective students.

During this series, you will meet and interact with members of the Wharton MBA team, including one of each of our four departments which make up the Advisory Support Network, or ASN. You’ll also gain an introduction to our diverse community, in-depth information on programs to consider within the Wharton MBA community, as well as an inside look on what to expect as a student. The ASN model at Wharton consists of members from academic, leadership, career management, and student life teams, who will help you to construct an individual program and make informed choices about your time at Wharton. Each ASN team members will share robust opportunities to enrich your education during your time in the Wharton MBA.

This week’s event will introduce you to the Wharton MBA Academic Affairs Office. Lisa Rudi, Associate Director of Academic Affairs will touch on Wharton’s flexible approach to learning and unique curriculum structure.

Event Organizer - Wharton MBA Admissions