Moelis Advance Access Program

The Ken Moelis and Julie Taffet Moelis Advance Access Program provides Penn undergraduates an opportunity for guaranteed deferred admission to the Wharton MBA Program.


The Moelis Advance Access Program is a deferred admission program that gives Penn undergraduates a guaranteed pathway to the Wharton MBA while they pursue quality work experience. Moelis Fellows access the Wharton network and resources during their deferment period and will be considered for a $10,000 per year fellowship during the 2-year full-time MBA program.

The program will accept a highly selective cohort of Penn seniors whose academic and career interests expand traditional notions of business education. The program was established with a $10 million gift from Ken Moelis, W’80, WG’81, and Julie Taffet Moelis, W’81. Read the news release.


Apply during Round 3 of your senior year. Applicants will be evaluated similarly to the overall MBA pool on the following criteria: transcripts; GRE or GMAT; current resume; recommendations; essays; Team Based Discussion; and a one-on-one interview.


Follow your passions during the deferment period by obtaining quality, substantive work experience. Moelis Fellows are encouraged to work in a wide range of industries.


Your journey with Wharton starts from the moment you are admitted. During your deferment period you will have access to professional development opportunities including retreats, professional mentoring, and complimentary access to Wharton conferences.


Choose when to matriculate in the program after two to four years of work experience. Moelis Fellows will receive a $10,000 fellowship per year during the two year full time MBA program and will be reviewed for additional financial aid when they matriculate.

Application Process

The Moelis Advance Access Program is designed for highly qualified Penn seniors who aspire to set the stage early for their advanced education and highly successful careers. Seniors in the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Engineering and Applied Science, School of Nursing, the Wharton School, and all coordinated dual degrees may apply. Applications will be accepted during Round 3 of the MBA Admissions Cycle. Application requirements have been tailored to better accommodate the Penn undergraduate population.

Moelis Application Requirements

  • $100 application fee
  • Transcript with senior year fall and spring courses listed
  • Standardized test scores (GMAT or GRE)
  • Current resume with full-time job offers listed
  • Two letters of recommendations from a Professor, Internship Supervisor/Employer, or a Campus Leadership Advisor
  • Two essays (Same essays as general MBA applicants)
  • Team Based Discussion and interview with Director of the Moelis Program

After gaining acceptance into the program, Moelis Fellows are required to pay a split deposit of $1,000 due at the end of May and $1,000 due the year you decide to matriculate. All Moelis Fellows will also submit a yearly declaration of intent to enroll and verification of work experience.

Deferment Programming

After enrolling, Moelis Fellows access exclusive professional development and Wharton resources, which include:

  • Quarterly social and professional development events
  • Yearly retreats
  • Professional Mentor Matching
  • Complimentary tickets to select conferences and events

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions about the Moelis Advance Access Program, please refer to the Deferred Admissions section of Admissions Frequently Asked Questions.

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Open Office Hours

Schedule an appointment or drop in during the following open office hours:

  • Monday: 9:00AM – 11:00AM
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