Wharton Stories: Community

As part of One Wharton Week, professor of criminology and statistics Richard Berk told MBA students how analytics can produce biased results and how decision-makers can fix it.

How Machines Learn “Bias” and 9 Lessons on How Leaders Correct It

Return on Equality Week is now One Wharton Week. Both a celebration and an examination of diversity at Wharton, the event will build community and dialogue with lectures, workshops, panels, and cultural events for MBA students from February 12 to 15.

How One Wharton Week Celebrates Diversity and Opens Dialogue

Swati Patel, WG’18, gives the top financial advice learned by Common Cents, the MBA personal finance organization she founded at Wharton.

What “Common Cents” Can Teach MBAs About Personal Finance

During his “walk-and-talk” office hours, Prof. Kartik Hosanagar connects with students outside the classroom in a unique way. The influential researcher and entrepreneur trades insights and conversations with students on his daily walking commute.

How This Professor Goes the Extra Mile to Build Connections Inside and Outside the Classroom

When Shawn Xu, WG’19, G’19, chose to go to Wharton, many of his friends from Silicon Valley were against it. Now, he is more convinced than ever that he made the right choice.

Why This Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Chose to Go to Business School

Helping to build Uber’s Middle Eastern office from the ground up gave Carl Madi, WG’17, a firsthand look at how a successful startup takes off. Wharton’s MBA Program allowed him to understand the business decisions behind it.

How Business School Allowed This MBA to See His Startup Experience Through a New Lens

MBA programs begin and end with interviews. From admissions to recruiting, there are countless interviews in between. As an InSITE Philadelphia fellow, Swati Patel, WG’18, recently experienced sitting at the other side of the table when she conducted interviews for the next class of InSITE Fellows. Here’s what she learned.

MBA Student Gives Interviewing Advice From the Other Side of the Table

Award-winning entrepreneur Nidhi Shah, WG’17, G’17, has set out to fill human needs, whether toilets for urban India through her social enterprise or free lunch on Fridays for her entrepreneurial classmates.

How This MBA Social Entrepreneur Is Solving a Basic Need With Her Sanitation Startup

“Things work best at Wharton when they bubble up. A lecture from a professor in a core course, a group of students interested in pursuing the concept, an administrative response that was welcoming and interested, and resources from the School to help get it started — it’s very Wharton.”

Student-Led Wharton Commitment Project Takes a Personal Approach to the Concept of a Professional Oath

“Being surrounded by people who feel very comfortable in the multitudes of their identities, that’s made me feel very connected to those aspects of myself.”

How This MBA Student Found a Home in Wharton’s African American MBA Association and Became Its Leader