Wharton Stories: Work/Life Balance

“At Wharton, you can truly customize your experience and tailor it to your goals. I realized there were so many things I could do and consider, but having my top priorities in mind at all times helped prevent analysis paralysis and maximize my time effectively.” – Sara Ganz, WG’24 and MBA Leadership Fellow

Back-to-School Wisdom From a Wharton MBA Leadership Fellow

After working the analytical side of marketing for years, Joy Sun, WG’19, saw the value in building out her broader marketing skills through a Wharton MBA.

Why This Aspiring Marketing Leader Decided to Upskill with an MBA Degree

“As an academic, you’re an entrepreneur of ideas. I’m constantly developing new ideas, putting them out there, and seeing how the market reacts. Do I get people interested? Do I affect people’s lives?”

Prof. Nancy Rothbard on the Interactions of Work and Life and Her New Role as Management Chair

“I was looking for a program that would offer me the support and resources I needed to achieve academic and professional success and thrive as a mother — and I’m happy to say I’ve found that at Wharton.”

A Survival Kit for MBA Moms at Wharton

“Cold-calling and emailing alumni simply cannot compare to chatting with them over drinks and explaining that you had a leadership role in organizing the conference they came back to campus to attend.”

5 Things I Learned While Helping Organize Wharton’s Africa Business Forum

Prior to coming to Wharton, I was always thinking strategically about the right moves to get to the next level. Now, I’m more focused on the journey rather than on the end goal.

Wharton EMBA Program is a “Transformational Experience”