Life After an MBA: Job & Career Opportunities for Graduates

Jobs for MBA graduates span a variety of industries and geographic locations around the world. At the Wharton School, the 2019 MBA Career Statistics Report revealed that more than 98 percent of graduates received job offers in 25 business sectors. To help you land your dream job, the career planning process begins on your first day as a Wharton student.

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MBA Job Opportunities and Outlook


Industry: Consulting

Job Duties

  • Pitching: Explore the client’s problem and how it might be addressed
  • Research: Clarify the problem. Create and test hypothesis.
  • Analysis: Build financial models in Excel or perform statistical analysis; organize, synthesize, and summarize your findings.
  • Reports: Present recommendations to the client; typically by a partner/principal accompanied by a small group of consultants
  • Implementation: Set up a series of meetings and/or workshops to explain the recommendations

Median annual salary: $165,000


Industry: Financial Services; Private Equity

Job Duties

  • Focus on the investment process, including deal sourcing and transaction execution.
  • Subsequent management of portfolio companies through the life of the investment to exit.
  • Sometimes becomes involved in operational oversight and strategy of portfolio companies.

Median annual salary: $167,500


Industry: Consumer Products, Food and Beverage

Job Duties

  • Build versatile GM skillset through rotations across businesses, brands and product categories
  • Develop long-term business strategy, including brand positioning and product innovation
  • Set and deliver financial targets and marketplace objectives; track consumer and market data to identify risks & opportunities
  • Lead cross-functional teams to build and execute operating plans across 4Ps: Product, Place, Price, Promotion

Median annual salary: $121,000

Gayatri Karandikar, WG’19 pursued a global strategy internship at PepsiCo where she worked with the nutrition team to examine ways to grow Quaker Oats in global markets.


Industry: Technology

Job Duties

  • Execute end-to-end product development lifecycle, scope product releases
  • Identify, gather, and organize end-user insights, internal ideas, market analyses and trends that drive to new concepts
  • Create product vision aligned to business priorities and a corresponding road-map to delivery

Median annual salary: $135,000


Industry: Health Care

  • Valuate and negotiate deals with third parties to broaden the portfolio
  • Establish and manage strategic relationships with other companies
  • Generally working in a small and lean team structure

Median annual salary: $137,500

Greg Wallingford, WG’19, was practicing emergency medicine while studying full-time at Wharton, when MGMT 610 inspired him to create a leadership curriculum for physicians.

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