Application Updates for Round 3 and Advance Access

UPDATE: As of March 24, we have extended the deadline for Round 3 to April 15 and for Advance Access to May 27. The information below regarding testing still applies, while the recommendation deadlines now align with the new application deadlines. 

In light of our upcoming deadline and the challenges we all face, we have taken great care to consider our Round 3 and Advance Access candidates. While the deadline remains April 1, 2020, we have decided to enact policies to ensure that these candidates have the most successful application to Wharton.

We heard you and listened to your concerns regarding the following issues:

  • Cancelations of the GMAT and GRE all over the globe
  • Delays in your recommendations being completed

We understand that the current circumstances may prevent candidates from completing tests and receiving finished recommendations prior to the April 1 application deadline. We do not want this situation to prevent promising applicants from submitting their applications, so we have decided to adjust the application requirements for those affected.


I am happy to share that we have decided to allow Round 3 and Advance Access applicants to submit their applications without having sat for a standardized test. The Admissions Committee will review and render a decision on your candidacy with the consideration that the closure of testing centers is out of your control. We reserve this option for anyone who had their test canceled or cannot travel to their test location due to social distancing restrictions.  Honesty is key here, so we ask that if you do have scores to report, please do so.

If this applies to you, then please see the information below that will inform how to enter your scores into our application:


Verbal Raw Score – 2; Verbal Percentile – 0
Quantitative Score – 2; Quant % – 0;
Integrated Reasoning (IR) Raw Score – 1; IR % – 0
AWA Score – 0; AWA % – 0
GMAT TOTAL SCORE – 200; Total Score % – 0


Verbal Score – 0; Verbal % – 0
Quantitative Score – 0; Quant % – 0
Writing Score – 0; Writing % – 0

Please enter April 1, 2020 as your test date.

If admitted to the Wharton School, you will be admitted with the condition that official testing will be submitted before arriving on campus on August 10, 2020 for Round 3 applicants and before December 31, 2020 for Advance Access Applicants.


If your recommender is unable to meet the April 1 deadline due to social distancing, isolation, and adjusting to new work-from-home practices, we have decided to extend the deadline for recommendations only to Monday, April 6.

Please make sure your application is submitted by the April 1 deadline, even if your recommendations are not completed.  We ask that you communicate this extended deadline to your recommenders and follow up to confirm they have submitted recommendations by April 6.

For all of us, the coronavirus outbreak has disrupted the ways we work and live. We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy, safe, and comfortable during this time.  We look forward to reading your applications and learning more about the next generation of resilient, adaptive leaders.  We hope these new policies help you submit your application as planned.

If any questions arise as you complete your Round 3 or Advance Access application, then please contact us at

With warm wishes,

Blair Mannix
Director of Admissions