Round 1 Invitations to Interview Released

We’re thrilled to announce that Round 1 invitations to interview have been released via email. If you’ve been selected to interview, you are about to embark on a journey that delves into the heart of what makes Wharton’s MBA Admissions program exceptional – team dynamics, innovation, and collaboration.

The Team-Based Discussion (TBD) is a unique opportunity for us to see your teamwork and leadership skills in action. The TBD mirrors the highly collaborative ethos of the Wharton MBA community, allowing us to pinpoint the qualities we believe lead to our students’ success. During the TBD you will be randomly assigned to a group of 6 candidates where you will work together to create a cohesive response to a prompt. This leaderless group exercise reflects the experience of working alongside an MBA Learning Team. After the group discussion, each candidate will have a ten-minute one-on-one interview with a member of the admissions team to reflect on their TBD performance. More details about the interview process can be found here.

We encourage you to seize this chance to not only express your individuality beyond your application, but also excel in a team dynamic. Teamwork is a cornerstone of Wharton culture, and through the TBD, you’ll get a glimpse of our program’s dynamic learning environment. We’re eager to learn how you tackle challenges and embrace differences within your group.

For valuable insights on how to prepare for your TBD, we turned to our Admissions Fellows, current second-year students who facilitate many of the interviews. They were in your shoes not so long ago and can offer firsthand advice as you gear up for your interview.

As always, if you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 215-838-6183 or via email at We wish you the best as you step into the interview phase of the application process and eagerly look forward to meeting you soon!