Round 3 Updates: Officially Accepting GMAT Focus Scores

As we approach the end of this application cycle, we wanted to provide clarity on some important updates to our application process. Starting in March of 2024, for our Round 3 and Moelis Advance Access applications we will now be accepting the GMAT Focus Edition, now the only version of the GMAT offered, as part of our evaluation process.

The GMAT Focus Edition’s total score ranges from 205 to 805 and is composed of the Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Data Insights sections. GMAC shifted the total score range compared to the previous edition of the GMAT Exam, which had a total score range of 200 to 800. It is important to note that the score scale distribution of the GMAT Focus Edition differs from the previous edition. Comparing total scores or section scores from the legacy versions of the exam to the GMAT Focus Edition is not a meaningful comparison of performance.

To accurately assess your relative competitiveness based on the GMAT Focus Edition, we recommend comparing percentile rankings rather than total scores. We encourage you to refer to the GMAT Score Concordance Table to understand the score distributions between the two versions of the exam by percentile.

At Wharton, we have a “read to admit” culture when evaluating applications. We assess all test scores in a way that highlights candidacy in the most favorable light. As GMAT scores are valid for 5 years, we will be evaluating both legacy GMAT scores within the 5-year window and GMAT Focus scores within their individual context. Should your application include scores from both versions of the exam, we will evaluate the highest score. Please refer to a complete list of testing requirements here.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office. For those of you applying in Round 3, we look forward to reading your applications!