Round 1 Decisions for the MBA Class of 2026 are out!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who considered Wharton in Round 1! It has been a delightful experience immersing ourselves in your applications and learning more about each of you in the past few months. Thank you for sharing your compelling stories and future aspirations with us. We have completed our review and committee process and are delighted to share the good news with so many of you today.

In previous years, our admissions team would start this day with congratulatory phone calls to admitted applicants. However, recognizing that this tradition could induce unnecessary stress for applicants, we opted to make a change last year. In consideration of your mental well-being, all decisions will be released simultaneously through our online application portal.

Admitted students will have the chance to connect with the Admissions Fellows who interviewed them and our admissions team. This provides an opportunity to address any lingering questions or simply to have a point of contact for guidance in navigating the next steps. We also encourage admitted students to opt-in to receive communications from student and alumni clubs by completing the Admit Survey.

In the next few weeks, admitted students will be welcomed into the Wharton community through virtual and in-person programming. We’re excited to meet you and showcase what makes our program great.

It has been a privilege for the entire MBA Admissions team to get to know our Round 1 applicants. As decisions are released, we extend our best wishes to you and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you soon!