Allie Miller

MBA Student Stories

5 Critical Steps and 5 Key Players for a Perfect Internship

Allie Miller, WG’17, explains how she got the internship she never knew she wanted.

MBA Career Services

Our MBA Career Management team is dedicated to connecting students with a wide range of employers from the Fortune 500 to start-ups. Wharton MBAs are in high demand because they create immediate and sustainable value for corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations around the world. Wharton’s MBA Career Management team helped 650+ companies make offers to Wharton students.

Full Time Employment

98.5% reported full time job offers, 93.5% accepted

$130,000 – 165,000 Yearly Compensation Range, $150,000 median

12.3% of the accepted job offers were outside the U.S.

For more detailed information, visit the Full Time Employment Career Statistics page of the MBA Career Management office


100% Students seeking summer employment received offers, 100% accepted

$6,916 – 12,500 monthly compensation range, $10,400 median

For more detailed information, visit the Internship Career Statistics page of the MBA Career Management office.

Career Resources

Wharton has extensive resources to help you find summer internships and full-time jobs. Wharton’s MBA Career Management provides education and guidance on each stage of the job search process, including:

  • Programs and workshops
  • Detailed information on careers in various industries
  • Research tools exclusive to Wharton
  • Recruiting events
  • Individual career advising
  • Career treks
  • Lifelong career support as alumni

Wharton’s Alumni Network

The value of your MBA only begins with the two years you spend at Wharton. Wharton alumni interact with each other at every stage of their career: from mentoring, to supporting recent graduates, to helping each other with future advancement and career changes.

Wharton’s online community, WhartonConnect, gives current students and alumni an easy way to find colleagues in just about any field. WhartonConnect helps alumni and students access industry information, communicate with fellow alumni, and identify contacts. This community includes lifelong e-mail addresses, an alumni directory, and extensive search capabilities. The Wharton Alumni-Student Network enables alumni and students to identify career development resources within the alumni base.

Get the latest on alumni through blogs, features, and interviews in the Wharton Magazine.

Hear the story behind Wharton entrepreneurs — their successes and learnings.

Lifelong Learning

A Wharton MBA gives you tools you’ll use throughout your career. It also gives you a chance to continue to build your knowledge to meet the challenges you face later in your career. Wharton provides many opportunities to learn long after you finish your MBA.

Knowledge for Life

All Wharton MBA alumni in the class of 2010 and all subsequent classes, beginning seven years after graduation, are eligible to take one Wharton Executive Education open enrollment course every seven years.

Continuing Education Resources

Wharton’s Lifelong Learning program provides a rich array of educational resources for all Wharton alumni throughout their professional lives, helping them continually gain knowledge in their selected professions and communities.

Wharton Around the World

Regional programming, including the Wharton Global Forums and Lifelong Learning events, bring alumni around the world together with Wharton faculty for educational presentations, learning opportunities, and networking.