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Jessica Pugh, WG’19, will be heading to Google this fall to work on global strategy while thinking of carving a bigger space for underrepresented minorities.

Jessica Pugh is Pushing for Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Industry

Integrating business knowledge with a liberal arts mindset is helping Dan Ping He, WG’19, towards her goal of enhancing community development through real estate.

This Real Estate MBA Wants to Create Better Affordable Housing

Jennifer Savoie, Senior Associate Director in Wharton MBA Career Management, gives advice and insights into how jobseekers can build meaningful, dynamic social impact careers.

Careers in Social Impact and Business: Insights from MBA Career Management

Helping to build Uber’s Middle Eastern office from the ground up gave Carl Madi, WG’17, a firsthand look at how a successful startup takes off. Wharton’s MBA Program allowed him to understand the business decisions behind it.

How Business School Allowed This MBA to See His Startup Experience Through a New Lens

“I stopped questioning whether I would get the most out of what Wharton had to offer. I knew I would.”

6 Words That Changed This MBA Student’s Assumptions About Wharton

Like all Wharton students, Allie Miller, WG’17, had a team to help her to discover and achieve her dream internship in artificial intelligence and robotics at IBM Watson. Here’s how she did it.

5 Critical Steps and 5 Key Players for Getting the Perfect Internship

My dream was (and is!) to determine how businesses can be a force of social good — to not only maximize value for shareholders, but for the broader community and world.

5 Ways to Get Involved with Social Impact at Wharton

“Unlike other MBA careers, a career in data and analytics will require significant research and networking on your end. That being said – the jobs are there and the connections are there, you just have to put in the work to find them.”

5 Tips for Wharton MBAs Interested in a Career in Data & Analytics

You have to localize the force you’re going to put on something to be able to have a lasting impact.

Former Submarine Officer Creates a New Path with Wharton Fintech

“Wharton plus consulting will help me make the career transition I’m looking for.”

Making a Career Transition, From Seoul to Philly