Wharton Stories: Clusters and Cohorts

Think of Convocation as a bookend to Commencement — you walk together as a class for the first time through the doors of Irvine Auditorium and in two years, you’ll process out of the Palestra as Wharton graduates.

The Story Behind Wharton Convocation and 5 Pieces of Advice to Begin Your Academic Journey

“We only have a year left,” says Antonia Singleton, WG’18. “Either you’re going to grow the relationships you’ve made or you’re going to try get to know more people. I want to create a platform for people to do that — bring their own story.”

How Sharing Her Story Helped This Student Grow the Wharton Community and Herself

“I’m here for the academics … I’m searching for answers.”

A Social Entrepreneur Creates Value Through Personal Connections and Academics

Balancing school work, career search, social events/club activities, and your personal life takes practice, and it’s really helpful to get guidance from those who have already walked that path.

How I Fell in Love with the Wharton Community

Inside Wharton’s MBA Pre-Term (Video)

Each Cluster has built a lasting legacy in five short years — complete with mottos, cheers, costumes, and signature events they’ve passed on from class to class.

What Makes Each Wharton Cluster Unique

The Cluster and Cohort system was designed with the hope that it takes a group of 860 and allows it to feel like a smaller community.

How a Wharton MBA Cluster Is Built

The Cluster experience begins with the Olympics, continues with Cluster suppers and events, and culminates in the Cluster Cup, which spans the entire year and incorporates academic achievement and social responsibility.

First-Year MBAs Celebrate Fifth Annual Wharton Cluster Olympics

People know everyone here is smart because you’ve met a set of requirements to be here.

First-Year MBA on Tech Recruiting, Unconscious Bias, and How People Analytics Can Help

“I have lost track of which way I am going home. It’s both — going home means U.S. to Pakistan, but also coming back to the U.S.”

How an MBA Student Navigated Wharton on a Pakistani Passport