Wharton Spotlight: Iron Prof

Now in its third year, Wharton Iron Prof has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated events of the academic year. Mimicking the TV series, Iron Chef, Iron Prof brings together faculty, from each department, to showcase the broad range of research that they are currently working on.  With current students and fellow faculty as the judges, each professor must present a piece of research in a matter of 5 minutes – with 15 slides that are set to auto-advance in 20 second intervals.

To give you some insight into how fast-paced these presentations are, here is a sample from the 2013 competition that took place in early April. Here, Assistant Professor Michael Sinkinson presents “Exclusive Smartphones: Why Limiting your Market can be Good for you, but also for your Competitors.”

To view more videos from the 2013 Iron Prof event, please check out the Wharton Lifelong Learning website.