Wharton Stories: LGBT

Aman Goyal, associate director of undergraduate student life, writes about creating a more inclusive work environment through the Wharton Intergroup Dialogue & Inclusion Team (WIDIT).

Leading Conversations on Diversity & Inclusion with Wharton Staff

“How do we make sure that every graduate who leaves Wharton takes on that inclusivity as a core value with them as they move into the boardrooms of companies all across the country?”

Getting to Know Prism Fellow & Reality TV Star Dillon Patel

“I hope the fellowship encourages even more LGBTQ professionals to apply to Wharton and consider how they can give back to the LGBTQ community.”

Wharton’s First Prism Fellow Prepares to Join the MBA Community

Sharing Stories to Find Common Ground at One Wharton Week

Created by students for students, the #OurWharton Podcast is bringing the Wharton community closer together by sharing little-heard narratives and valuable resources.

#OurWharton: How a Student-Run Podcast is Fostering Community on Campus

Diversity experts from Deloitte, the NBA, and Jones Day joined Prof. Stephanie Creary to discuss how innovative organizations are evolving in response to movements like #MeToo and #TakeAKnee.

How Business Leaders Build Inclusive Workplaces in an Era of Discord

Warby Parker co-CEO and co-founder Neil Blumenthal, WG’10, returned to Wharton Pre-Term for a conversation with Prof. Stephanie Creary about how to build diversity and inclusion.

How Warby Parker Builds an Inclusive Workforce: Takeaways from Wharton MBA Pre-Term

“The caring and supportive environment from the club and from the community is reciprocated to the prospective students.”

From Brazil to Philadelphia, This MBA Student Found Support to Be Out at Wharton

Prof. Gasman evoked the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

7 Ways You Can Be a Better Ally at Wharton and Beyond

As an entrepreneur, Divinity Matovu, WG’17, had always been on the other side of the table trying to secure funding by convincing investors that her start-up is the winner. With WIIP and in her next role post-MBA, she wanted to be the person to pick the winners and build a diversified portfolio with a social impact component that reaps major financial returns.

How This MBA Moved from Entrepreneur to Investor