Wharton Stories: Living in Philly

Five MBA students talk about their Pre-Term experience, exploring Philly, and what they’re looking forward to this fall.

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When George Dutile, WG’17, wanted to transition from the military, he and his wife worried about taking a risk on an MBA. They went “all in” at Wharton, and the whole family benefited.

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I have truly fallen for the City of Brotherly Love, enough so that I will be calling it home after graduation.

How Philadelphia Won Over a Warm-Weather MBA Student

“I’m here for the academics … I’m searching for answers.”

A Social Entrepreneur Creates Value Through Personal Connections and Academics

Balancing school work, career search, social events/club activities, and your personal life takes practice, and it’s really helpful to get guidance from those who have already walked that path.

How I Fell in Love with the Wharton Community

We realized there was no turning back. We had to do this.

How an MBA Graduate Founded a New Club at Wharton and Found a New Home in Philly

“To my great surprise, being ‘nontraditional’ at Wharton is completely normal, and you will survive. You got in because you belong here, and because Wharton knows you’ll thrive.”

A Nontraditional Applicant Gets the Call

“I’ve learned how to take advantage of Philly. What I really enjoy showing people is what’s outside Rittenhouse.”

A Wanderer Makes Himself at Home in Philly